I’ve done it again:

Ignored the blog for weeks… months?  I think this is the longest it’s ever been.

It began with a holiday.  I needed a holiday.  And I decided that when I went home to my parents, I would stay off line.  And I did.  (almost)

And I rather enjoyed it.

Then I came back and decide to try to rebalance my life a bit:  no more late nights on the computer (or reading).  Early to bed.  Early to pray.  Time, if the weather’s good, for a quick walk before morning prayer (the liturgical bit…).  And much to my surprise, I have rather enjoyed it.

But it’s bad for blogging.

The absence from blogging has made me ask why I do this.  It began as a tool:  like email in the 80s and internet access in the 90s, blogging was a necessary skill.  I remember the year of trepidation:  knowing I must; not wanting to.  Learning to comment on friends’ blogs, and then strangers’ blogs, and then finally stepping out into the abyss and beginning my own.  It’s scary.  It’s exciting.  It’s obsessive.  And then you get tired.

Bloggers all over the world have been getting tired in the past year or two.  Most blogging friends admit to slowing down, not reading as many blogs. And there are times when I wonder, ‘should I just stop?’

But the answer is always no.

I have built far too many relationships through the blog to want to give it up.  It has helped me build friendships, sustain long distance relationships, and connect with people who share my concerns and visions.  And of course, that sounds very self-indulgent.  But I am thankful that on a bad day, I can read the blogs of clergy women in the States whom I have met through the Young Clergy Women’s network.  I am thankful for bloggers like Goodinparts, whose posts make me think ‘yes, I’m not imagining it.  there is hope for the church’.   I am thankful, time and again, for the quips and comments and discussions that happen all over the blogosphere and keep us all going even when few of us are blogging well.

So, I’m thinking maybe what I need in an influx of new blogging energy.  Alison Peden has jumped into the blogosphere with aplomb this month.  I find myself reading more and more  non-church blogs — everything from Your Vegan Mom and Joe Pastry to the wonderfully addictive videos at TED (ideas worth spreading).  But I haven’t hunted for blogs in a long time.  Maybe it is time.  Some quiet evening, when I have worked enough for one day, but have not hit the newly imposed 9pm computer threshold, maybe I should go wandering.

What do you think?  What have you found lately?  There must be new and exciting bloggers out there, to stir the weary old bloggers into action.

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