4 thoughts on “beauty”

  1. What a beautiful lady, whose words have the effect of making one feel most humble. Her comments immediately reminded me of a time, many years ago as a child, when, sitting alone in the dark listening to the final movement of Beethoven’s piano sonata “Appassionata” for the first time, I felt God pierce my heart through the drama of the final bars as the dying notes poured from the heights into the dark abyss below. The power and presence of God in and through music, most certainly. Always.

  2. Thank you for posting this moving video. A few years ago my wife and I were invited to a friend’s house in Milngavie for the evening. We were shocked to see that the other, elderly guests, were all in full evening dress; the ladies with long arm gloves on! Our hosts said not to worry but to mingle, which we did. They were all Holocaust victims from Bergen Belsen and, as children there they dreamt of attending a dress dinner every Friday night so, when they were released they vowed to carry on with this dream, in reality, and give thanks every Friday night together. They all had their numbers etched into their arms. Asked if they therefore hated the Germans, they said the same – ‘no, we don’t hate the Germans, we pity them.’

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