will love bloom?

So, I had a short spate of good blogging — and then I reverted to silence.  But it’s time for the annual questions:

Does the Scottish Episcopal Church want and Advent blog?   Are there enough people willing to produce it ?  We didn’t run it last year, and it may be that its day is done.  However there were lots of people who said they missed it.

The previous seasons are here:  love blooms bright

If we decide to write, I’ll tidy it up a bit.  Funny how quickly these things age.

Please pass word on, and let me know if you want to take part.

14 thoughts on “will love bloom?”

  1. We ran a truncated form last year. It was Lent we did not do at all.

    I love writing for it and would be happy to undertake two days a week.

  2. Count me in – if anyone might find my disjointed ramblings of any use or interest. I have only ever tried one blog myself – an academic one that none of my students or other tutors ever read! So not a great track record.

  3. Yes, by the grace of God, and the good will of those who said they would write.

    Nothing will happen till tomorrow afternoon, probably.

    It isn’t organized yet.

    Noone has been contacted.

    But by the grace of God, it will.

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