generous vision

This Advent, I have been enjoying the Advent Calendar from Trinity, Wall Street.

Each day, there is a profile of a different young person or community project, linking faith and action.  The whole structure of volunteering is different in the States, and I think the churches are richer (and catholic theology more balanced) for the work that is done.

I love that Trinity has gone to all this trouble to highlight good work being done throughout the church — for these are not just stories of New York, but from everywhere.

Today’s post — the 14th — is about a project in New Haven, CT, and it includes pictures of the church that I usually go to when I’m ‘home.’  Not St Thomas’, of recent finding, but Christ Church, which I have returned to for 20 years for beauty, music and the tangible presence of God.  Just the tiny glimpse of the building was enough to make me wistful for Christmas Midnight services which begin in quiet darkness, and are vast enough to hold not only full circles, but stately-8-swings of the thurible.

If you check out the calendar, don’t forget to click ‘flip or scripture’.  The verse is accompanied by a song:   a lovely gift from Trinity to the rest of us.

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