lovely view

I have fond memories of the convent in Wantage (Community of St Mary the Virgin) from my days in the Midlands.  But I haven’t been there for a while, nor have I looked at their web site.

Well, it’s all change.  They’re working really hard to have a diverse, engaging web site that offers good information about the community.  There are also lots of resources for those who are far off, including video-links to the daily office.

I always struggled with the singing at Wantage.  I felt that voices were being restrained and hemmed in lest anyone express themselves too clearly.  It was such a sharp contrast to the sense I had of the sisters as strong and grounded and ‘themselves’.  But it seems that in web journalism they have found the medium for rich, quirky expression.

… the splendid photo of the nun, lying prone on the lawn to catch a better video.

… the long loving look at a too-far-away squirrel’s nest, and the journey of the squirrels themselves down the tree.

… a splendidly narrated tour of the convent grounds, in which you have to take it all on trust, as you get the steady view and the clip clop of the pony trap.

I just love it.

Truly:  the is made me laugh till I cried.  I think it is a brilliant web site, that makes me think that maybe it is worth the long drive down.

the nature video is here, and the front page, here.

Oh, and the singing of the O Antiphons begins today at 5 pm.  Do join in…

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