act of faith

Learning outcomes for today:

  1. all clergy tailors should have tattoos, piercings, and a healthy sense of the absurdity of clerical shirts.
  2. being measured by someone who simply doesn’t care who you are or what the tape measure says is liberating
  3. it is much more fun to hunt for clergy-shirts in pairs (especially with someone who does not habitually wear black)
  4. some clerical outfitters have a very good sense of what their customers want and are skilled at giving it to them.
  5. nonetheless, there is no reason on God’s good earth that a clerical outfitter should stock a pale-pink poly-cotton, with silver-glitter butterflies.
  6. the A1 is not the M1.  Forget this at your peril.

3 thoughts on “act of faith”

  1. Just saw this. This is great. And I needed a laugh for today.

    Disappointed that you won’t be ordering any glittery butterfly clergy blouses (with frills?) for Easter season. Next thing you’ll probably tell me is that you didn’t order any green ones for the season after Pentecost.

  2. Correct, Sarah. The woman showing me the swatches told me that the pink & silver glitter butterfly fabric was ‘very popular with woman of a certain age, who want it for children’s services.’

    So many things are wrong with that concept.

  3. Hear hear, especially to the “designated for children’s services”!! Most children would just would not appreciate it…. Looking forward to seeing the glittery butterflies put to a much greater appreciated role. Someone who i believed knew me reasonably well was aghast when I stated that I had worn ball gowns, as I sat there in my jeans. Oh for swirly ball gowns and flights of fancy, may those only be a glittery butterfly blouse.

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