4 thoughts on “thanks, James”

  1. I will need to listen again I think – in a sense some of it comes close to my virtue of simplicity: the quality of appearing before others as the person you really are, seeking to engage with the them who really is, with suitable discretion, and awareness of risk. Or, more neatly, simplicity is the virtue of being real.

    This week I had a set of captions changed by somebody who possibly does indeed confuse vulnerability with weakness.

  2. I’ve had conversations about this video since posting it, and there seems to be lots of confusion about those two things.

    If someone is changing your captions, though, I suspect that they will soon learn the difference.

  3. It seems very sad to me that anybody can confuse them.

    It also seems very sad that it is not possible to enlighten the person changing the captions. Just occasionally, discretion is to be preferred to courage. And how I loved the defence of courage, a word fast vanishing under a tide of bravery.

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