the angels have arrived

I returned to the Cathedral today, after a long season of wandering the parishes.
It was such a relief.

The sermon offered the Sign of Stop-lights (and was both funny and substantive).
The sung creed was like a homecoming.
The angels arrived for communion with Bairstow’s Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, and kindly brought stories with them.

Here’s the Bairstow, sung by a very different sort of choir:

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks writing a full set of Advent blogs for the diocese of Lincoln.  Just a few more to go, and then I will re-emerge here.

You can find the Lincoln set on the diocesan webpage (daily) or on the news archive page, listed as ‘Advent Prayers’ (they slip into the archive at the end of each day). It’s a set of meditations on the theme Christ Yesterday – Today- Tomorrow, to accompany prayers for (and a celebration of) some of the social justice & community projects around the diocese.  These have been fun to work on, even with the crazy deadlines. I’m grateful to the friend who called me into the project, and the team who waited for me to return from the States.

And of course, this is the day we begin Love Blooms Bright 2012.  It is, as always, produced by a fabulous group of people.   I can’t wait to see what appears.


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