share and share alike

A friend said she’d like to read the Lincoln blog posts that she’d missed, but was struggling to find the page.  So, I’ve asked permission to post them here as well. There’s a bit of catching up to do (13 days worth), and then I’ll post daily, after they’ve gone up on the diocesan web page.

A bit of context:  This Advent, the bishop of Lincoln wanted something to help the whole diocese pray together through Advent.  The communications team began to put together a booklet, which brought to the fore some of the interesting community projects that are happening around the diocese.  Then I got involved, adding scriptural quotations (for the booklet) and writing daily posts (for the diocesan web page).  These go out in the name of the diocese, rather than my own, and it is most generous of them to let me double post here.

The whole thing has been a great opportunity for me– coming from Scotland, I’m still learning the ways of the Church of England, and getting a glimpse of 24 diverse responses to community engagement was fascinating.   It also gave me the excuse to go to Lincoln and say morning prayer as the light streamed through the most amazing glass.  And — best of all — I got to catch up with an old friend who had been too long absent from my life.

Hurrah for Advent blogs.

Thanks too to the facebook friends who commented on the drafts.  At one point, my editorial team stretched form Washington D.C. to Sri Lanka.

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